About Sowik Organics

“One cannot Think well, Love well, Sleep well, if one has not Dined well”
-Virginia Woolf.

Our mother nature has sprinkled her splendid exuberance in various forms on this earth. Some of which we have never had experienced even!

The mesmerizing aroma of night blooming jasmine flower can be relished through its real flower buds only, and never from its scent! Right?

Surprisingly, same thing applies to your daily meal plate!

Do you know how many processes your meal plate passes before reaching to your dining table?

Perhaps you may not!

But Sowik Food and Agro do!

Knowingly or unknowingly we are consuming a pinch of poison in our every meal plate! (In the form of pesticides and toxic chemicals used in growing grain)

Although horrible to hear, it is the brutal reality of our modern life. Modernization has been proved quite costly to our lives!

Here we enter!

To take a pause and concern for every human being on this planet earth!

‘Sowik Food and Agro’ is catering you the products as they flourish in the lap of Mother Earth! (Without any polishing)!

We provide you a platform from where you can pluck your own vegetables directly from your own farms!

What is Sowik?

Sowik is walking on the path of ‘Sowing Indigenous Knowledge = SowIK’.

The goal of sowing organic produces as they are given by Mother Nature herself is the catalyst factor for us.

We truly believe in your wellness, however, we are also committed to the sustainable and inclusive development of humanity.

Sowik is a medium committed to provide organic and indigenous products to its consumer along with worthy remuneration to its actual owner, i.e. Farmers!

We shall provide you fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and grocery at your door step!

Our Mission and Vision

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः

May all become happy and May all become free from illness!

We strive to our ancient credo which surrounds the whole creation in its periphery.

The sole vision and mission of Sowik is to become a handful tool to its consumers as well as the farmers.

We desire to provide a healthy chain that may pass on original, organic and honest products to its consumers. Our consumers may rely on us for the honesty, affordable price and quality.

Farmers are the real heroes of our lives. However, they are not fairly credited their worthy remuneration for the products they grow with their hard shed blood and perspiration. We @ Sowik are committed to correct this. Our effort is to provide a fair price to the farmers that they actually deserve!

Sowik intends to create a community well nourished with purely natural products free from the poison of chemicals and pesticides. For this sole purpose we have set our goal to connect the chain of urban consumers with freshly delivered products and the rural producers with their dignity and fair price.

Creating the sustainable and an Eco friendly development is one of the core parts of our goal.

We @ Sowik value the quality products and hence we welcome your support, feedback and collaboration with us in any form.

So let’s come together to create the new era of Organic Renaissance!